About Aster Hobby USA LLC

Aster Hobby USA LLC was established in January 2002 as the exclusive Importer / Distributor for live steam locomotives and accessories manufactured by Aster Hobby Co. Inc. of Yokohama Japan. Our mission is to promote and sponsor the development of new US prototype locomotive models, marketing and sales of the entire Aster live steam spectrum as well as providing the best possible spare parts service. Since 1975, the name Aster has been known by Gauge One live steam locomotive enthusiasts and collectors alike. From the introduction of the British Aster "Schools Class" in 1975 to today's Union Pacific Railways FEF 3, the improvement in quality and complexity of Aster locomotives has never stooped and new challenging designs are continuing to inspire our imagination of the great steam locomotive era.

Aster live steam locomotives are available factory assembled and ready to operate, or as fully machined ready to be assembled kits. Depending on the type of locomotive, the complexity and number of individual components can vary from one hundred up to one thousand five hundred and as many or more hardware pieces. Kit assembly time can take from twenty hrs. to three hundred hours or more, depending on the type of locomotive and your level of skill. If you want to discover how a steam locomotive works and you have the curiosity and patience, an Aster kit may be your best choice. However if you desire instant gratification, a factory built version can be made available to you.

This website features only the most recent products available and provides updates on new locomotive projects in the design and production phase. Aster Hobby USA LLC also distributes trough a national network of authorized dealers. For retail prices and availability of older and new locomotives and accessories call us during business hours, inquire by e-mail or visit one of the authorized dealers listed in the helpfull links page of this website. Whether you are operating or collecting 1/32 scale locomotive models, we hope you will join the exclusive ranks of Aster gauge one live steam.

Aster Hobby USA LLC is a warehouse / office facility. Sorry we do not have a public show room or store front.

UP auxiliary water tank cars now sold out.

28 ton 3 cylinder narrow gauge Shay sold out

Union Pacific Challenger  production sold out

The Castle Class production sold out as of January 2016

Baldwin Tank Narrow gauge logging locomotive.

See Baldwin page

Titfield Thunderbolt kits still available. 

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Swiss Federal Railway

SBB Tigerli E3/3 production now available ! 

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Krauss Tank Narrow gauge logging locomotive. Click Krauss T page

Below listed locomotives and rolling stock has sold out and is no longer available.

​BR 5 MT production sold out

BR 52 production sold out

SNCF 241P  production sold out

Rebuilt Merchant Navy Class. Sorry, now sold out

BR38  DR and DB versions  click BR 38 page for more info

Thank you for visiting Aster Hobby USA LLC, the exclusive North American Importer / Distributor for Aster Hobby Co. Inc of Yokohama Japan.

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  Only 4 Great Northern S2 kits left in inventory. Click Great Northern page.

A word about currency exchange rate

All Aster merchandise is manufactured in Japan and  therefore subject to currency exchange rate fluctuations.  The chart on the right shows the Japanese Yen value fluctuations against US $ value from 1970 to 2015. Aster merchandise prices fluctuate with the exchange rate which may result in cost variations for spare parts, accessories and locomotive projects in progress. AH USA LLC is comited to keep merchandise prices as stable as possible for your conviniance.

The "target retail price" announced for a new project under construction may be affected by the currency exchange difference at the the time of production release.

  Union Pacific FEF3 # 844 and # 837. Check the UP FEF page for full details.