Insulated roller segments for test running your gauge one electric or live steam locomotive. These roller segments are made entirely from brass and feature insulated ball bearings, essential to avoid short circuits on electric locomotives. One segment required to support each locomotive drive axle. 

Each set contains four segments as shown $ 170.00 FOB  

Sorry, sold out.

Ceramic wick material, stainless steel wire reinforced, for alcohol fired locomotives. Generic 8" long wick strand $ 30.00 FOB. In stock.

Pressure gauges PG 14, PG20 and PG 24 for any Aster type locomotive. $ 79.00 each FOB.  In stock.

Aster binder catalogs  now out of print, sorry.

Trackside water pump.

 sold out.


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Marker lamps for British locomotives. Side or rear mount. $ 8.00 each FOB. In stock

Smoke lifter panel (set of two). Optional for UP Challenger # 3985. Only one set left ! $ 120.00 FOB

Knuckle couplers (working type) cast brass, for US locomotives 1/32 scale. Set of two $ 86.00 FOB . In stock

SNCF U1 and AD 60 Garratt laser cut reproduction coal grates. Please inquire.

Big Boy coal grates laser cut reproductions shown on left. 

   Sold out

 Green Velvet 320  Steam cylinder oil in stock.                     $ 15.00 for 16 ounce, $10.00 for 8 ounce bottle FOB.

Draft Fan (battery powered) to create the initial draft when firing your coal or alcohol fired locomotive. In stock.                $ 150.00 FOB  (Two AA batteries not included.)   sold out.