​​​"Target prices" for US market FOB our warehouse :  Basic kit version  US$ 2800.00 .  Fully equipped kit version US$ 3750.00 (to run with optional K2 aux. service car). 

Release date late June 2016. Production quantity 300. Only kits are offered by Aster Japan. Reservations / orders (now accepted) require the customary $ 1000.00 deposit

 Combination kit containing:  

Fully equipped version Tigerli locomotive kit (any available version) with axle pump, all detail options and one gray K2 utility car kit with decal sheet.

 price US$ 4300.00 FOB

The side elevation drawing shows the Aster design concept with alcohol firing and Walschaerts valve gear. The Aster concept represents the standard type E 3-3 with front platform and original internal coal bunker design.

Due to coal shortage in Switzerland during world War 2, two locomotives were converted to raise steam by electric water heating. This required a pantograph on the cab roof and transformers and electric heating elements inside the boiler. Allthough this worked well, both engines were eventually converted back to coal firing.

Not all locomotives were identical. Later engines featured a platform on front of the smoke box while others were equipped with larger coal bunkers which extended over the cab roof. From 1935 onwards 24 locomotives were modified to allow one man operation. Several of these well proportioned engines are exhibited today in various Museums while a few are still in operation by Private Railroad Clubs.

Designed as switcher engines, these stadard gauge locomotives were first used by the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) for main and branch line operations. The SBB operated 83 units. All of them were built by the Swiss Locomotive Works (SLM) in Winterthur between 1902 and 1915. Nicknamed " Tigerli" (Swiss German for "Tiger Cub") these 2 cylinder engines with saturated steam boilers proved to be very dependable and remained in regular service until 1966. Several locomotives were sold to private industrial works and served there for many more years. Weighing in at 35 tons (including 4.2 tons of water and 1.7 tons of coal). Their operational speed limit was 45 Km/Hr. (some were modified to operate at 50 Km/Hr.)

 SBB  E 3/3 "Tigerli"   (1/32 scale, standard gauge)

Updated 08/24/2017

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​Latest project completed

Picture below and above shows the basic version without axle pump and related piping and the alcohol tank installed inside the locomotive cab.

Gotthard Bahn,  brown.

Posted 12/02/2015   Pictures of preserved version "Zurich DVZO" on the left and "Arth Goldau"to the right  .

FOB price for the fully equipped Grey K2 utility car  kit is $ 1200.00 . Picture below shows the gray utility car with and without decals .

  The SBB decals applied to the utility car below  are available as a separate option for $ 50.00 per sheet.

​The decal sheet contains different car numbers.

Gotthard Bahn version sold out

This common SBB box car made from brass is available as optional K2 utility car featuring a removable roof, removable fuel tank and water tank with hand water pump. Fuel and water hose connections can be coupled directly to the Tigerli locomotive. Decorative decals, as shown applied to the car in the lower pictures are available as a separate option. The K2 utility car will more than double the running time of the locomotive between fuel and water stops.

Notice:  ​The K2 utility car can only be effectively used with the fully equipped Tigerli locomotive.

Locomotive detail kit (optional)  $ 290.00 FOB

Picture to the right  shows the "Arth Goldau" preserved Tigerli version equipped with the optional detail kit containing:

3x marker lamps each for the front of the locomotive

3x marker lamps each for the rear of the locomotive

2x dummy air hose for front of the locomotive

2x dummy air hose for rear of the locomotive

2x locomotive number plates.

The detail kit fits any color version locomotive.

Detail kits now available again !

Picture below shows the fully equipped version with axle pump, water supply and return piping for the service car. The bypass valve is acessable from inside the cab.

SBB standard, solid black 

Zurich privat DVZO,green/black.

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Arth Goldau preserved,blue/black.

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​​5 colour liveries are offered, as basic or fully equipped kit version.


K2 utility / service car

Dutch Railways, black/red striping.

This brown SBB box car kit is available as rolling stock only for $ 650.00 (not available equipped as service car). A optional decal sheet available for $ 50.00 allows you to letter the car in early or later epoque lettering as shown below.

Click the youtube video link below to see the Tigerli and K2 utility car in operation at the NSS steamup in Sacramento CA.

Video courtesy E.Bowles / R. Bednarik