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A few BR 38 (factory built only) are still available by special order at discounted price of $ 4100.00  FOB AHUSA warehouse.  

(approx. $900.00 below original price).  

A $ 1000.- order deposit is required.  This is a limited time offer.

Technical Specifications:

Scale / gauge: 1/32 , 45 mm Gauge One.

Weigth: 5.6 kg (engine 4.0 kg. tender 1.6 kg)

Length: 588mm  , Width: 98mm,  Higth: 142mm

Driver dia. 54mm , Wheel arangement 4 - 6 - 0

Engine : 2 cylinder with slide valves, bore 13 mm, stroke 20mm

Valve gear: Waelschaerts, valve travel 6mm , cut off 75%

Boiler type: Smoke tube, Water cap. 240ccm @ 70% full

Working pressure: 3 - 4 kg / cm

Boiler fittings: Regulator valve, blower valve, Water glass, Press. gauge,

Axle driven feed water pump.

Fuel: Denatured alcohol / methanol , Fuel Cap. 170ccm , 

Turning radius minimal: 2.0 meter ( 6 feet)

For additional information please call or e-mail 

Pictured on the left, BR 38-1182 as used by the German Reichsbahn. On the right side BR 38-2383 as operated by the DB (Deutsche Bundesbahn) and preserved in the Steam Locomotive Museum in Neumarkt - Oberfranken.

Pictured below the BR DB 38 with optional tub tender (Wannentender).

Short History: In 1906 the ministry of Railways ordered ten superheated 4-6-0 locomotives which became known as the P8. The boiler was well designed and the P8's could maintain a max.speed of 100Km/Hr. The good reputation of the P8 became well known troughout Germany. The KPEV (Koeniglich Preussischer Eisenbahn Verband) purchased a total of 3370 units. Before the start of WW2 more than 3000 P8's were still in use by the Deutsche Reichsbahn (DR) which had designated them BR 38's . As many as 300 were still in service after the war by the DR and DB. The DB installed "Witte" smoke lifters and many of them received tub tenders. Some BR 38's remeined in service until 1968 in East Germany.

​Pictured below : KPEV P8 version,  now sold out.

BR 38 and KPEV P8