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Please check both combination levers 3-7 for possible binding with the valve spindle yoke 1-16. Binding may be evident when turning over the drive wheels with the reversing lever 4-28 in full reverse or full forward. If the edge of the combination lever touches the valve spindle guide as seen in the 1st. picture below, remove the combination lever and file away the inside edge as shown in the 2nd. picture. Check both sides of your locomotive ! Sevier binding may cause premature wear of your valve gear mechanism.

As of Nov. 16th. ‚Äčthe entire GNS2 production has sold out.  Thank you kindly for your support !

GNS2 # 2584 on display in Havre MT

Click this youtube link to see a GNS2 in operation on a lovely elevated layout in the UK .

Some technical facts: Each kit contains 875 manufactured components and 950 hardware items such as screws, nuts, pins, O-rings, springs, wires etc. The four drive wheel axles are fully equalized, the pilot and trailing truck as well as the tender axles are coil sprung. Other functional features include regulator-,blower and whistle valve. Functional axle feedwater pump, cylinder drain cocks, water by-pass-, and boiler blow down valve. Water gauge glass with blow down cock , boiler pressure gauge and opening fire hole door complete the cab armatures. The copper boiler features two safety valves and functional superheater piping. The locomotive has a battery powered LED headlight and working knuckle couplers. The cylinder lubrication oil tank is hidden in the left hand side dummy air tank.

The Vanderbilt tender is equipped with a hand pump for boiler priming and a water drain plug. A removable alcohol tank allows access to the RC receiver and battery compartment. Like all other Asters, this locomotive is all metal construction, no plastic components. Total production was 275 units.

Great Northern S2

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The prototype GNS2 # 2584 as in service 1935

Development pictures of the GNS2 posted 2007