The SUHA type coach will be available in kit form. 

Expected retail price

FOB AHUSA  $ 720.00

A reservation deposit of $500.- per coach is required.

Technical specification for coach and observation car:

Scale / Gauge:   1/30 , 45 mm

Interior:              plastic chairs / windows

LED lighting by battery power

Weight :               4 kg approx. coach / observation

Body:                   steel

Chassis:               steel

Length:                650mm

Width;                  92.4mm

Height:                137mm

Wheels:               34mm steel

Turning radius:  4 meter / observation

                             3 meter / coach

The MAITE type observation coaches were developed in 1938. To provide a smoother ride, 3 axle bogies, similar as used on US Heavyweight Passenger Coaches were  installed. The early car interiors were purely Japanese styling called Momoyame style. For the 12th Olympic games, expected to be held in Tokyo in 1940, special cars were outfitted with new interior and and roof ventilation system. However after the WW2 defeat all observation cars were condemned and taken out of service by the allied occupation forces.

Maite is the only surviving observation car. It was later equipped with airconditioning and used on the Hato and Tsubame lines.

It is the only 3 bogie coach preserved today in Japan for operational use with excursion trains.

If you own a Aster JNR mainline live steam locomotive these new coaches will make your perfect passenger train. 

Originally designed in 1929, the SUHA type  steel passenger coaches were reconstructed in 1951 by the JNR by applying new innovations to the chassis and bogies and improving the interior comfort. These coaches where in operation all over Japan with local and express trains until the beginning of the 1980's. Many of them remain in service today for historic excursion and sight seeing trains.

This page updated 05/29/2018

New  JNR National Railways Passenger and Observation Coaches.

Production release expected late June 2018 

The Maite observation car will be available only in RTR version.

Expected sales price

FOB AH USA $ 1420.00

​A reservation deposit of $ 1000.- is required.

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