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Short History of the SNCF 241P ( live size locomotive pictured below)

In October of 1945, the French National Railways SNCF ordered 35 four cylinder compound mountain type 4-8-2 locomotives from Schneider Locomotive Works in Creusot. The locomotives were to serve in express passenger service and had to pull a 750 ton train at 120 Km/Hr. sustained speed. Primary field of operation was on the Paris - Lion- Dijon - Marseilles- Chaumont- Mulhouse, and Paris -Lion- Mediterrane lines. Several locomotives were equipped with different tenders to full fill the demands of their assigned territory. All of them featured mechanical coal stokers. because of their excellent performance record they remained in service long into the electrification of the railroad with the last locomotive retired in 1973. Four examples survive today in preserved / operational condition.

Top view of chassis

shows the open high pressure cylinder block in the center and the two low pressure cylinders on the front left and right. From the front end mounted steam oil tank, the oil pipe is routed around the two exhaust blast nozzles into the super heater connection fitting from which the high pressure line connects to valve chest cover (not yet installed) of the HP cylinder block. The 4 slide valves are clearly visible in the still open valve chests.

Bottom view of chassis

shows the high pressure exhaust pipe leading from the HP cylinder into the distribution block feeding the two low pressure cylinders. Visible between the 2nd and 3rd drive axle is the feedwater pump.

Commissioned by Aster Europa and completed in 2014 this locomotive model sold out by production release date.

This French 4 - 8 - 2 four cylinder compound locomotive represents the most

advanced and highly detailed European model built by Aster Hobby Co. Inc.