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Optional Smoke lifters for black Challenger 3985 are available in limited quantity

 Challengers used in passenger service were equipped with smoke lifters. These are included with the Greyhound Aster Challenger. We will have them available for optional addition to your # 3985 Challenger. The cost per set is $ 120.00 plus shipping. Union Pacific had several black Challengers and even some Big Boys equipped with smoke lifters but they proved ineffective for slower moving freight trains and never became standard equipment.

Some milestone dates of the Aster Challenger project

2/10/2010   UP Challenger project announced and survey started.

4/13/2010   Union Pacific Railroad Co. grants limited production and trademark certificate to Aster Hobby.

1/20/2011   Pilot model design and development started.

8/15/2011  1st. pilot model received and rejected due to performance problems

12/26/2011 2nd. pilot model received and approved for production

11/19/2012 1st shipment of black Challenger kits arrived from Japan

1/ 12/2013  final Challenger shipment arrived from Japan.

The standard Aster design will be UP Challenger # 3985 in black as preserved in Cheyenne WY. A Greyhound version of locomotive # 3977 as on display in North Platt NE will also be produced.   Us retail prices FOB our warehouse are:

Black # 3985 kit US$ 12900.-, Black RTR # 3985 US$ 14900.- ,  Greyhound # 3977 kit US$ 13500.-, Greyhound # 3977 RTR US$ 15500.- 

The Challenger production has sold out. Thank you for your commitment and support

Click the youtube link below to see the Aster Challenger # 3977 pilot model pulling a heavy freight consist at the IEW steamup in June 2012  

Assembly of RTR Challengers at the Yokohama Factory

Union Pacific Challenger # 3985 and # 3977