Modeled exactly after the two prototypes as in use today with Union Pacifics Heritage Fleet, UPP 809 Jim Adams is equipped with a removable US flag plate on both sides of the car. The flag is screen printed on a removable laser cut brass plate. 

UPP 814 Joe Jordan does not feature the flag detail. Both tank cars are mechanically identical and are equipped with a removable deck lid to fill the car with water. All 6 axles are equipped with coil springs. The water connections between the tank car and locomotive tender is made with a silicone tubing. Removable drain plugs are provided to block or open water transfer. The water capacity is approximately 150% the water content of the FEF or Challenger tender which will more than double the running time of your locomotive between water stops. The tool boxes on the deck lid can be used to store the silicone connection tubes.

Pictured below: The Aster UP FEF #844 pilot model coupled to the pair of Aster water tank cars as is common practice today with the UP Heritage Fleet.

These water tenders will also look perfect behind your Aster UP Challenger # 3985 or Aster Big Boy.

Pictured below: Water tube connection between two auxiliary tank cars. The water transfer tubes can be connectd on either side of the cars for ease of acessability on your track layout. The knuckle couplers are non - opening to avoid accidental separation during live steam operation.

Original standard type UP coal tender.

​Below: A short pictorial history of the UP auxiliary water tenders

Auxiliary water tenders are used by the Union Pacific Heritage Fleet behind the Challenger and FEF excursion locomotives. These look great behind your Aster Challenger or Aster FEF3 locomotive. As with the real engines, they make water stops less frequent during operation. 

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This page updated 04/30/2016

All UP auxiliary water tank cars have now sold out. Thank you for your patronage.

Converted and rebuilt for the UP Heritage Fleet into present configuration

Retired and used as mobile fuel storage tank

In use behind turbine locomotives

Converted as fuel car for gas turbine locomotives

The Aster tank cars in production 2013